Customer service

Other companies use  customer service robots, or outsource their customer service. Some use only 1 customer service rep to serve an entire company.  We have a fully staffed, Belgium based, on campus customer service center.  If you’re a customer of ours, you have an assigned customer service rep.

Our dedicated Customer Service Representatives are here to answer all your questions.

Dedicated load securement specialists

Customers receive complimentary on site visits from Load Securement Specialists.  They provide on site user training, and education of best load securement products and practices for your unique application.

Between us, we have 100 + years of load securement experience under our belts.  Our representatives are the greatest source of damage prevention education a company can have access to.

Sustainability initiative assistance

Has your company issued new green or sustainability goals? We help our customers reach them.  Our airbags are recyclable, and reusable for truck transport.

Our load securement experts can evaluate your current damage prevention products.  Let us showcase how using dunnage airbags can lessen or eliminate the need to use less sustainable protective packaging.

Training & development

Our experienced sales team will work with your shipping department to develop policies and procedures for loading and securing trucks.

We can help train employees to use our products at the dock level, to ensure seamless integration into your loading practices.

Onside quality & testing

Along with “built-in” quality, Shippers Europe has on site dedicated facilities and Statistical Process Controls (SPC) to ensure our product meets your needs. This ensures benchmark quality levels are met and value-added products are provided to the customer.

Free load protection audits

A Shippers Europe is a great tool for your company to assess possible areas of improvement in terms of damage and load protection. For our customers, we can create custom load diagrams, and evaluate possible cost savings.

Our damage prevention experts take time to understand your current operation, develop systems, and processes to help improve your loads.

Get your product and service at the highest quality!

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T: +32 64 43 05 11