Gorilla TurboFlow dunnage bags

Gorilla TurboFlow dunnage bags

The Gorilla TurboFlow PP woven dunnage bag consists of a polyethylene inner layer and a woven polypropylene outer cover. All Gorilla dunnage bag are fitted with our patented TurboFlow valve.

Our Gorilla dunnage bags (Level 1-2-3-4-5) are verified by the Association of American Railroads (AAR).

These Gorilla dunnage bags are unaffected by water and humidity and the outer shell has a high puncture resistance.

Gorilla dunnage bags offer you:

Easy handling: The TurboFlow valve is located exactly on the seam of the Gorilla dunnage bag and not on the side. The dunnage bag can be easily inflated also in very narrow voids.

Automatic pressure regulation: The Turboflow inflation system sees to it that the airbags are inflated to the correct working pressure without using a pressure gauge. No more under-inflation, no more over-inflation, no more bursts. The airbag is always inflated to the correct pressure no matter who is inflating it! Even inexperienced operators can inflate the airbag correctly.

Venturi Effect Super Quick inflation: Raise your productivity thanks to TurboFlow. When inflating you combine compressed air with surrounding air due to the Venturi effect created by our inflation gun. In tests, inflation times have been shown to have been cut in half or even more compared to standard valves. In addition you will save on energy by reducing the consumption of compressed air.

Easy reuse function: Our TurboFlow valve also allows quick deflation for reuse.


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