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Paper dunnage bags

If you are looking for a long-lasting and low-cost load securement solution, then paper dunnage bags are a viable option for you and your company. Shippers Europe paper dunnage bags are made up of two or more durable layers of moisture resistant Kraft paper and a superior virgin polyethylene internal layer. All of Shippers Europe Kraft paper dunnage bags come with a self-sealing valve that closes automatically after the inflator gun has been disconnected.

Why are paper dunnage bags so widely used?

Dunnage bags have been around since the 1950’s and since then have made a lasting change to the way that goods are transported around the globe. Kraft paper dunnage bags were invented later and are a modern relative of the original. After having been inflated, they are either placed between two pieces of cargo or between a piece of cargo and, for example, a container wall. For many companies, Kraft paper dunnage bags offer a tailor-made load securement solution because they are easy to use and very affordable.

Examples of everyday usage and how to get in contact

Our website offers an insight into how paper dunnage bags are used by showing you practical examples. If you need more information or if you would like to purchase Shippers Europe Kraft paper dunnage bags, please contact us. We can be reached at +32 64 43 05 11 .

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