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Kraft dunnage bags

Kraft paper dunnage bags are a form of load securement offered by Shippers Europe in La Louvière. Dunnage air bags have been invented to protect and secure freight in shipping containers and various other forms of transportation. Since American companies started using them in the 1950’s, dunnage bags have revolutionized the way that goods are transported. At Shippers Europe we offer a range of inflatable dunnage air bags, one of which are Kraft dunnage bags.

Kraft dunnage bags could be the perfect solution

Shippers Europe Kraft paper dunnage bags are a type of dunnage bag that offer the perfect load securement solution for several companies. The Kraft paper dunnage bags that Shippers Europe supplies consist of two or more layers of moisture resistant Kraft paper and have a high-grade virgin polyethylene inner layer. Every one of our Kraft dunnage bags comes with a self-sealing valve which shuts automatically when the inflator gun is removed from the valve.

The equipment needed to operate Kraft paper dunnage bags

Our Kraft paper dunnage bags are easily operated and safe to use. There are two pieces of gear essential to operating Kraft dunnage bags effectively: an air compressor and a dunnage bag inflator. The air compressor is needed to make sure that all air entering the Kraft paper dunnage bags is of the required pressure. The inflator is the link between the air and the bags and guarantees a swift inflation.

Information about Kraft dunnage bags and purchasing details

Shippers Kraft dunnage bags are a robust and affordable way to make sure your freight is kept safe during transportation. For more information or purchasing details, call us at +32 64 43 05 11.

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